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About Our Program

In line with our commitment to support the community and the many non-profit organizations with their fundraising efforts, Bargain Printing is giving 5% cash back to all participating non-profit organizations.

This 5% cash back program is the first and only program in the printing industry that is designed to turn printing jobs into a steady source of income for participating organizations that are always in need of new ways of fundraising.

Cash can be collected on orders placed by the non-profit clients or their supporters, and checks are mailed out on a monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?

Each participating organization is provided with a unique voucher code. Every time the voucher code is being use with any order placed with Bargain Printing, 5% of the net sales will be entered on the corresponding organization’s account. We have a custom state of the art technology to track all transactions and send out checks on a monthly basis despite the amount. The voucher code can be used many times by the organization or its supporters. The more times it’s been used, the more money will go into the account. The organization receives cash and NOT credit for Bargain Printing.

Who can participate?

Any organization that is set up as a non-profit and has the appropriate documentation to confirm it. We verify this documentation at anytime between the day the organization joined the program and the day we issue the first check.

What are the benefits?

Participating organizations can start earning 5% on all of their printing orders. At the same time the program can be used to expand the organizations’ fundraising efforts by inviting their supporters and members to use the voucher code every time they use Bargain Printing. They will be able to raise money for a good cause on things they would buy anyway.